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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Doors: The Doors (IAS #19)

From the year of Sgt. Pepper, this day we have:

The Doors: The Doors


  1. Pedant alert: I take it that "Ray was [...] prolific on keyboards..." means that he was _proficient_?

  2. When I first heard Light my Fire it was the short version on the radio. I didn't hear the album version until months later when FM radio started to change everything. The Doors were on Ed Sullivan but I missed it. Everybody was talking about Jim Morrison. Never seen anything like him. The Doors were always unpredictable. We were just starting to listen to the first one when Strange Days was released. It was very strange. Weird circus characters and just a small poster of the band. We weren't sure if it was a Doors record or not.These guys were way cool.

  3. As teenagers we held "The Doors" in high esteem. It was one of the two bands which lyrics we wrote down in notebooks. I still think that they were incredibly talanted, wonderful musicians. First album is absolutely fatastic. Two heads above any current American rock scene competition.

  4. Probably the only band besides the Beatles whose final recording (LA Woman) ended as good or better than their rest.