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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures (IAS #20)

New lamps for old today: after The Doors, it feels totally logical to cover

Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures


  1. I saw this film theatrically, and it's teriffic, even if you know nothing about the band (as I didn't when I saw it):

  2. Pretty boring, but, yes there would be no Kino, if it was not for Joy Division.

    1. I love Kino, but Joy Division out-dark them and New Order out-pop them.

  3. I didn't expect Georges opinion to be so positive and making it into a desert island disk. I'm happy to see it though. JD is one of my fave bands, although I prefer closer as UP sinks in at the last three songs, while Closer is just 9 winners for me (although I can see people not liking it for the dropping of the pop-punk sense there still is on UP for a more theatrical approach)

    Pretty much a perfect assessment from George, thumbs up for the review itself!