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Friday, August 14, 2015

Boris: Asia

BORIS: ASIA (2015)

1) Terracotta Warrior; 2) Ant Hill; 3) Talkative Lord Vs. Silence Master.

And here comes the third and, fortunately, last installment of the trilogy, of which the less said, the better, so here is a quick runthrough. ʽTerracotta Warriorʼ is a twenty-minute long noise ho­mage to the deeply buried unknown soldier of China's first emperor, beginning in the form of the whistling wind in the deep underground chamber and gradually layering feedback that probably represents the modern day excavators trying to get through. ʽAnt Hillʼ is ten minutes of crackling electronic pulse (how may times have we heard that already?), an allegory for the ant hill which is itself an allegory for the endless run of silly humans around their daily tasks. ʽTalkative Lord Vs. Silence Masterʼ is ten more minutes of feedback crackle, radio static-style.

That's all, folks. No, really. I am packing my bags now and embarking on the quest to find seven people who actually «enjoy» and «get» this album. Together, we will find a way to break the laws of gravity and quantum mechanics and advance humanity to the... next state of advancement, whatever that is. Watch out for the latest news from The Boris Samurai — until then, thumbs down, but I promise you, once we finally rule the world, that is bound to change.

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  1. Now if Asia makes an album named Boris, you should just shut this blog down and call it a day.