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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (IAS #15)

I KNOW you never get tired of reading my streams of conscious on Bob Dylan, so here is this week's IAS update:

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited


  1. I had this album on vinyl on cassette and now on CD. I know all the songs but I still have trouble matching the song to the title. From a Buick 6 draws a blank every time until I hear it. Same with the other songs like Queen Jane and Tom Thumbs blues. It is the only record that does that to me

  2. Error in the track listing; jumps from

    4. From a Buick 6


    7. Ballad of a Thin Man

    1. Maybe he was making room for "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?" and "Positively 4th Street" and forgot to remove them.

      Speaking of which, I would put the "Crawl" (specifically the take 17 version from the Bootleg Series) between "Rolling Stone" and "Tombstone" and "4th Street" between "Tom Thumb" and "Desolation Row".

  3. Wow, who would have guessed that George is a Dylan fan?

  4. Why is Quebec by Ween so far down on the RYM list? I'd love to hear what you think about it.

  5. George, a Dylan fan? That would be the understatement of the new millennium. He is the best Dylan interpreter east of the Mississippi that I know of (take that however you want).

    This is a 3rd review of H61R. And there is still fabulous insight remaining to be told.

    But, I have to correct the facts on $113 being the current price of the deluxe 18 CD set of Cutting Edge. That is a contradiction in terms. The Deluxe set (going for the 113 on Amazon) is the 6CD set. The 18 CD set was priced as a collector's item (at least $600 if my memory serves me right). My heart jumped when I saw this but I knew it had to be a mistake.

    Anyway, the 6CD set will still keep you occupied for a long time. CD 3 is entirely full of Like A Rolling Stone takes. You won't be wanting. My personal fave is the breathless rendition of Visions of Johanna with the Band that closes Disc 4. No, it is not as good as the version that went into the album, but it is a hell of a listen.

  6. Just a note you got the phrase "July 29, 1969: Dylan is back in the recording studio" instead of July 29,1965. Otherwise keep up the good work.

  7. Why not review a 2 CD version of the latest bootleg series volume called "The Best Of The Cutting Edge"? There's at least one take there ("Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?") which I feel is superior to the well-known single version. Plus you won't be forced to sell your house/car/son in order to afford it.

  8. Absolutely fantastic record. How it is below some of the records in RYM charts is a mystery to me. Though students complained when I asked them to translate Like The Rolling Stone lyrics, cause it turned out to contain WAY more words that they got used to see in 'normal' songs))) After that I reconsidered giving them 'Desolation Row'.