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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue (IAS #011)

First stab at a jazz classic (including a bit of actual stabbing):

Miles Davis: Kind Of Blue


  1. I was kinda hoping that George would be able to explain the concept of "modal jazz" and its difference from a "non-modal jazz" to a true layman better than an encyclopedia, but I guess that's impossible after all.

  2. or if you insist on Miles, start getting into him in chronological order - at least listen to Birth Of The Cool and 'Round About Midnight before Kind Of Blue, not after it, to be able to put it in the proper perspective.

    I do think that if experimental rock and/or funk with long grooves is your thing, then the sound experiments of the fusion Miles could offer a backdoor route into jazz: On The Corner and Agharta in particular. But we'll see what you think when you start writing about Miles' fusion period.

  3. This was the only jazz album I owned for a long time simply because I never heard anything like, or anything I liked as much as it. It took me another 15 years to get into A Love Supreme.

  4. 4/10 -> ;-))))

  5. This will be a good record to look for at flea markets and thrift stores. In 1959 I was a little kid. I listened to Walt Disney and Mitch Miller. The only jazz musician I had ever heard of was Dizzy Gillespie because Maynard G Krebbs talked about him on the Dobie Gillis Show.

  6. I sympathize George. There's plenty of jazz music that I like, but I find it difficult to explain in detail why such and such album is so great -- it just sounds great to me, or I'm impressed by the individual performances. Same goes for classical. I never have a problem describing why I love particular rock or blues acts, though. Maybe it's the lack of "proper" musical education.

    As for "Kind of Blue", it is a favorite of mine, if for no other reason than "So What".

  7. How the hell did this get voted higher than A Love Supreme? (Well, OK, we all know...)

  8. I just can not understand how people are able to pick out this album and elevate it above a million other jazz sessions. It sounds kinda cool and pleasant, I do not want to denigrate it, but I also do not see what is so special about it.

  9. Kind of blue is a good album to me. It doesnt lead to a strong emotional reaction for me, but i can definitely enjoy the music, especially late at night while working or doing some stuff.
    Im not aware of all the technicalities and surroundongs kf the album, i just listen and decide if i like it or not. And this album i like, bur not with strong feelings.

    Although it still takes some time Im very curious about george take on the black saint and the sinner lady
    Now thats an album that gives a strong reaction from me. Jazz or not, i pit it in my 20 all time favorite albums. i often feel its more like a classical masterpiece than a jazz piece, but what do i know?
    If anybody has any recommendations that are like that mingus masterpiece id love to hear it.

    1. it doesn't get nearly as wild as Black Saint, but Sonny Criss' album Sonny's Dream (Birth Of The New Cool) captures the ensemble sound--