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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Animal Collective: Hollinndagain


1) I See You Pan/Pride And Fight; 2) Forest Gospel/There's An Arrow/Lablakely Dress.

This is a live album, credited originally to Avey Tare, Panda Bear, and Geologist, and my take on it will be quite short. There are people who live and die for this, and there are people that Nature has rendered unable to get it. I belong to the latter group, and, therefore, feel justified to exercise my freedom of speech and label this a bunch of messy, ugly, unlistenable noise, far more «pre­tentious» in the direct sense of the word than, say, Tales From Topographic Oceans — at least the old proggers could play their instruments. (Well, truth be told, Panda Bear does know how to drum. But this hardly makes me feel any better).

The only ray of light is that today, the world knows the Animal Collective can do much better than this. But did the world know it in 2002? In short, there ain't enough thumbs in the world to let you know just how «down» I'm feeling about this record.

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