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Friday, December 31, 2021

One Thing Ends, Another Begins

Hello everybody,

as you are probably well aware by now, the Only Solitaire Blog is officially frozen, dead, and gone.

Feel free to browse the archives, but if you want to follow the fresh developments, skedaddle over here to the revised and revamped Only Solitaire, or to the draft-like unpolished state at the Only Solitaire Herald on Substack.

Yours sincerely,
George S.


  1. Oh my, he's alive!

    What do you think of Courtney Barnett?

  2. Damn. I found the old site a couple years ago looking for either Pink Floyd or Who stuff. The reviews really helped me get into the Beatles throughout the last couple months. Other than a couple hits, Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper I had never listened to most Beatles stuff in my life. I also got to know Cream thanks to the old page.

    Either way, thank you for spreading the word on such amazing works. These pages won’t be forgotten. Thank you George, and happy new year.

    1. You're welcome! But feel free to check out the rebooted project - this blog is gone, but a new one is in progress.

  3. this is one of the first pages on the internet, I started following, and happy to see, it's still here and going on. may be force be with you.

  4. Last couple of days I have read 10 - 15 reviews on the new blog. From the Introduction:

    "I am writing a selective history"
    The good news: it works. The reviews are insightful and putting the albums in their historical contexts is useful.
    The bad news: your approach is incomplete and perhaps even outdated. That's because you neglect an easily available (and afaIc enjoyable) source. Last 15 years lots of videos and audeos have been published of the artists you review. If you aim to evaluate artists properly you should include those sources. You undoubtedly have noticed that I've referred to them in my comments. These sources are indispensable if we want to understand what The Animals (during the Alan Price and Dave Rowberry period) and the early Rolling Stones were about.
    You may have guessed my agenda: the Indorockers the Tielman Brothers. Now I wonder why you have removed my previous comment. It's not that I mind, I don't have particular big ego. But I am curious. Do you get tired of my propaganda?

  5. To echo samčo's comments above I've been quietly reading your site(s) since dial up days and I'm thrilled you're continuing!
    You're practically the godfather to my album collection. Thank you & good luck on the new direction.

  6. Hi George!

    To be honest I always thought the old site was more charming than the new one. It had youth and passion, like passionate hate towards Queen and your struggle to stay objective. It had amazing grey interface with handwriting font which was blowing our minds :-) Still, all your reviews are a blast, both new and old. I think this is great decision to start something new! I wish you all the best with your new project.